Normal skin

Normal skin is a term for well-balanced skin.
The scientific term  is that the production of sebum and moisture is balanced.

Sings of normal skin:⠀
  • small pores
  • excellent blood circulation
  •  silky, soft and smooth texture
  •  fresh pink colour
  • it is transparency and uniformity and no spots.
Normal skin is not subject to excessive sensitivity.
You  don't experience many breakthrough's
Your  skin is not prone to react negatively to new products or weather changes. 
You don't feel that you need to constantly moisturise or rinse the oil from your face all day long.
Your skin is supple with minimal fine lines and wrinkles.

With normal skin, you hardly feel any sensitivity, dryness or oiliness.
Your skin can withstand most of the ingredients which means that you can play hard with cosmetics and have a lot of fun experimenting with detergents, moisturisers and masks until you find exactly what suits you. 
I recommend not to overload your ideal skin with experiments and use cosmetics with care for your skin.

Lana Iakovleva

Beauty Therapist

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